03 April 2018

Interview: Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts

Hey guys! Today I have for you all an interview and giveaway from the author Jenny Morton Potts. She is the author of the book Hiding. First off, a thanks to Jenny for taking the time to let me interview you. Let's get started!

1. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting a book published?
The challenge is firstly in getting read by the right person and to an increasing extent, at
the right time. Agents now – and you still really need one for traditional publishing –
have a list of what they are looking for. They almost have a shopping basket, particularly
in the States, for genre books. They know what they want to read next, or rather what
their readers want to read next. This is hard to adhere to as a writer but if you can, it will
bring success. So finding the right fit with a literary agent is most of the battle.

2. Where do you get your ideas?
I have a million ideas which come to me in a meteor shower constantly. They come from
everything I see, hear and feel. This is something I have always had but I believe we all
do; just, my head flowed like that from the start, rather than needing to find a tap in.

3. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
In Hiding I particularly like the slower chapters. They are deeper, exploratory and they
include very personal moments for me. The book is dedicated to my Gramps and I was
able to write some about our times together. The book is full of moments spent with my
family. (The Scottish section I should say!)

4. How did you come up with the title?

I hummed and hawed about the title, because it is very simple. But it just did everything for the story. ‘Hiding’ is all about hiding, in many, many ways. So it was perfect, I think and the word itself has different meanings. Besides, we all identify with the need to hide,
particularly in childhood.

5. Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either
growing up or as an adult?
I find that my prose resembles a contemporary Forster. I think I admire him so much that
I shape my sentences accordingly. I am sure I am hugely influenced by literature, as a child and an adult. Tragedy is a huge driver in my novels. Writers like Solzhenitsyn made a significant impact on me as a youngster and I am always addressing heavy themes, in the hope of understanding. That
said, all my books are equally comedic. This is an aspect of my writing that I would find
difficult to change. Tragicomedy works best for me.

6. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your book?
I started this book the year before last and finished it last year. I spent about six months
writing it.

7. What do you do when you are not writing?
I walk my dog. I travel – all my family live far away, so there’s lots of trips and we get a
lot of visitors too. I like super fiendish sudoku. Reading novels, of course. Poetry. I like
simple things: spending time with my family. I like foreign films and American box sets.
Tennis, when my back permits!

8. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
Seek out like minded authors and share with them. Enjoy your work, it will show on the
page when you do.

9. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
Thank you. Come and say hello. Tell me what’s on your mind.

2 Digital Copies of Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts. Open International.
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A gripping psychological thriller with chilling twists, from a unique new voice.Keller Baye and Rebecca Brown live on different sides of the Atlantic. Until she falls in lovewith him, Rebecca knows nothing of Keller. But he’s known about her for a very long time,

and now he wants to destroy her.
This is the story of two families. One living under the threat of execution in North Carolina.The other caught up in a dark mystery in the Scottish Highlands. The families’ paths aredestined to cross. But why? And can anything save them when that happens?

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Jenny Morton Potts was born in a smart, dull suburb of Glasgow where the only regular excitement was burglary. Attended a smart, dull school where the only regular excitement was the strap. Worked in smart, dull sales and marketing jobs until realising she was living someone else’s life. Escaped to Gascony to make gîtes. Knee deep in cement and pregnant, Jenny was happy. Then autism and a distracted spine surgeon who wanted to talk about The Da Vinci Code, wiped out the order. Returned to wonderful England – and unlikely ever to leave again – Jenny, with assistance from loyal hound, walked and swam her way back to manageable health. Jenny would like to see the Northern Lights but worries that’s the best bit and should be saved till last. Very happily, and gratefully, partnered for 28 years, she ought to mention, and living with inspirational child in Thaxted, Essex.

06 March 2018

We Are Moving

Hey guys! Life update: I have officially graduated college! 🙌🏽 So, now that I am done with college I am restarting my book blog back up because I have so much more time for reading. I am loving immersing myself back into the world of books! I am currently redesigning Books Ahoy and moving it to a new website. I am in the process of trying to move my old blog posts from this site to my new site. In the meantime catch me here and on Twitter @booksahoy15 for more updates.
19 June 2015

Follow Friday!

TGIF!! Happy Friday! I hope you guys are all having a great one! :) Today is Follow Friday which is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read and this week's feature is The Readdicts.
Now question time....

If you were to get a tattoo, what would the graphic be? Or if you have a tattoo, share a pic and its meaning.

Well first off, I would probably never get a tattoo because I'm super scared of needles and the fact that it's permanent lol :) However, if I had to choose I'm not really sure. It would probably be pretty small and probably in an unseen place...maybe a small heart. What about you guys?

09 June 2015

Review: Pretty Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas

 Hi! Today I have for you guys a review of Pretty Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas, which just came out today. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the book and to enter to win an ebook copy of the book! :)


All Giselle ever wanted was a family... who can accept her for what she is, a werewolf.

In a world where supernatural creatures are not out and proud, this has been a problem for 16 year old Giselle. A child of the system, she's been bounced from home to home for as long as she can remember. As soon as the moon calls out her inner wolf, it's back into the system she goes.

Against the odds, a new family is found for Giselle. One that may prove the answer to all her dreams and wishes. But this family comes with a deadly secret that could send Giselle six feet under instead of back into the system.

Amid factions of warring witches and werewolves, and deadly curses with no hope for a cure, the way will not be an easy one, but if Giselle can call upon her skills as a lone wolf, she may just be able to unearth the truth keeping her from the one thing she's ever wanted... family.

30 May 2015

Blog Tour: The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler (Playlist)

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: June 2nd 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Retellings, Chick Lit


The youngest of six talented sisters, Elyse d’Abreau was destined for stardom—until a boating accident took everything from her. Now, the most beautiful singer in Tobago can’t sing. She can’t even speak.

Seeking quiet solitude, Elyse accepts a friend’s invitation to Atargatis Cove. Named for the mythical first mermaid, the Oregon seaside town is everything Elyse’s home in the Caribbean isn’t: An ocean too cold for swimming, parties too tame for singing, and people too polite to pry—except for one.

Christian Kane is a notorious playboy—insolent, arrogant, and completely charming. He’s also the only person in Atargatis Cove who doesn’t treat Elyse like a glass statue. He challenges her to express herself, and he admires the way she treats his younger brother Sebastian, who believes Elyse is the legendary mermaid come to life. 

When Christian needs a first mate for the Cove’s high-stakes Pirate Regatta, Elyse reluctantly stows her fear of the sea and climbs aboard. The ocean isn’t the only thing making waves, though—swept up in Christian’s seductive tide and entranced by the Cove’s charms, Elyse begins to wonder if a life of solitude isn’t what she needs. But changing course again means facing her past. It means finding her inner voice. And scariest of all, it means opening her heart to a boy who’s best known for breaking them . . .

I think this is the perfect playlist for this book. Enjoy :)

 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg

Follow the The Summer of Chasing Mermaids Blog Tour and don't miss anything! Click on the banner to see the tour schedule.

Sarah Ockler is the bestselling author of young adult novels, including #scandal, The Book of Broken Hearts, Bittersweet, Fixing Delilah, and the critically acclaimed Twenty Boy Summer, a YALSA Teens' Top Ten nominee and IndieNext List pick. Her latest, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, hits the shelves in June 2015. 

Sarah is a champion cupcake eater, coffee drinker, night person, and bookworm. When she's not writing or reading at home in Washington, she enjoys taking pictures, hugging trees, and road-tripping through the country with her husband, Alex.

Visit her website at sarahockler.com or find her on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

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