07 May 2012

Checked Out + Giveaway!!!

Hey guys I know I've been checked out of the book blogging community for a while and I'm sorry. I've been really busy with school and everything :( But! I am definitely checking back in starting today with a review.  I have been reading like crazy though.  I have a lot of reviews to write on some great books! Don't even get me started on my TBR pile lol.....I have a lot of print and ebooks to read.  :)  I'm going to upload all my new ebooks on my nook today! *side note* Speaking of nooks...have you guys seen the new Nook Simple Touch Glow!!! I have to get it. That was the only draw back with my Nook Simple Touch...I couldn't read in the dark but now you can!!! So I'll be selling my Nook Simple Touch so that I can get the Nook Simple Touch Glow so if you are interested shoot me an email! Also off on another side note my close friend wanted me to tell you guys about her website...which I designed :)....at www.cecebeeofficial.blogspot.com. She's a singer and looking for exposure so stop by. *end side note*. I've really missed you guys and I'm glad to be back!!!! To celebrate I am giving away one copy of Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. The only requirements is that you are a follower of Books Ahoy and that you check out www.cecebeeofficial.blogspot.com. Enter by leaving a comment with your email address below! Good luck!!


Cazztronomical said...

Welcome back! :) The website design is fab and reminded me that I need to find my 'bee' outfit for a friends party! I'd like to be entered into the giveaway :) My email is caraghfinnan@gmail.com. Thanks :)

Sel said...

Hello, your design for her blog is really pretty! It screams star power with nice clash of yellow and black :)

My email is selinaxu@ymail.com

Thanks for joining my giveaway ;) now I'm joining yours!

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