27 May 2014

Armchair BEA Day 2: Author Interaction

Hey guys welcome to day 2! So I have had only one physical interaction with an author at my local book festival with the author Roger Reid. I got so nervous when I asked him to sign my books lol. However, I have spoken with many others online.  When I first started out as a book blogger, emailing an author was very intimidating to me but now not so much because every author I have spoken with has been really super nice! A tip that I learned along the way working with authors is to be polite and respectful when requesting a book for review but don't be nervous because more than likely they are really nice and more than willing to let you review their novel.

26 May 2014

Armchair BEA Day 1: Introduction

Hey guys! My name is Cierra and I run Books Ahoy. :) I have been book blogging on Books Ahoy since 2011 and have had a blast doing it! I got into book blogging because I absolutely love reading. I came across some book blogs and thought it would be a cool idea to start one of my own and the rest is history. If I could describe my blog I would describe it as fun and bookish. My genre of book is Young Adult because it seems more relatable.  I love to read because even when you are sitting in your bed reading a book you are transported somewhere else mentally living and learning about someone else's life and I love it! My favorite blogging resource is www.bookblogs.ning.com because it is a great way to get your book blog out there especially if you are a newcomer. Check me out on Facebook and Twitter as well :) Happy Armchair BEA!

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Hey guys! My name is Cierra and I'm a southern college YA bookie. Thanks for stopping by Books Ahoy. Here you'll find reviews, giveaways, interviews, and more! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

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