27 May 2014

Armchair BEA Day 2: Author Interaction

Hey guys welcome to day 2! So I have had only one physical interaction with an author at my local book festival with the author Roger Reid. I got so nervous when I asked him to sign my books lol. However, I have spoken with many others online.  When I first started out as a book blogger, emailing an author was very intimidating to me but now not so much because every author I have spoken with has been really super nice! A tip that I learned along the way working with authors is to be polite and respectful when requesting a book for review but don't be nervous because more than likely they are really nice and more than willing to let you review their novel.


Danielle said...

Bloggers are the free salespeople of the book world. I say have no fear when emailing! A reviewed book is an advertised book, and a lot of authors really love and appreciate that. Of course, that doesn't stop me from fangirling when an author responds to a review!

Vikk @ Down the Writer's Path said...

Love your tip. I think it goes a long way when dealing with anyone.

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