16 February 2015

Kiss and Tell Blog Tour: Review

You guys all know how I absolutely love the Truth or Dare series by Jacqueline Green! So today I will be bringing to you a review of the last book in the series called Kiss and Tell for the blog tour hosted by Paper Lantern Lit. I must say that it was a great ending to a great series!


Since their dangerous game of truth or dare began, Tenley Reed, Sydney Morgan, and Emerson Cunningham have lost almost everything. Closely guarded secrets, romantic relationships, and sought-after spots at the top of their school's social hierarchy-all gone in the blink of an eye.

Now the darer has upped the stakes, leaving another body behind in the girls' isolated beach town of Echo Bay. And if they can't untangle the twisted web leading to whoever is behind the mysterious deaths, one of them could be next. But what happens when the trail leads to those they trusted, those they loved?

Filled with intoxicating twists and shocking betrayals, the final installment in the Truth or Dare trilogy will keep readers guessing until the very end.

My favorite genre is by far thriller YA books because they always keep you guessing and in suspense wanting to read more. If you are like me then you will absolutely love this book and this series! The story picks up a day after the events of the second book which was one thing that I really liked about it because it served as a refresher for what happened in the last book. This book made me feel so many emotions from happiness, to sadness, to excitement, and everything in between lol. This book definitely takes you on a whirlwind and keeps you guessing till the very end! I have adored this series till the very beginning and I'm sad to see it end but the way it ended was absolutely great! You guys should definitely check out this series.


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Author Bio:
Jacqueline Green received a BA from Cornell University and an MFA in writing for children from the New School, She grew up in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania and now ives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and their tiny dog. Kiss and Tell is the final book in the Truth or Dare trilogy. Her website is jacquelinewrites.com


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