28 May 2015

Armchair BEA Day 2: Visual Expressions & Social Media

Armchair BEA

Hey guys! Today is day 2 of one of my favorite events but today is actually my first day since I missed Day 1. So todays topic is about Visual Expressions and Social Media.

There are so many ways to tell stories. Whether it's comic books, graphic novels, visual novels, webcomics, etc, there are quite a lot of other mediums to tell a story. On this day, we will be talking about those books and formats that move beyond just words and use other ways to experience a story.

As a college student studying graphic design I really appreciate graphic novels, manga, and things of that nature I just don't read a lot of them. It's fun to visualize in your head how characters look when reading a book and then seeing how artists visualize the characters in their head through comics. It's kinda of like movies...you have a visual in your mind of how a certain character looks in a book and its exciting to see how they visualize and portray that same character on screen...at least for me it is :)

How do you use social media to expand your blogging/writing horizons? Social Media is all about networking and connections, and utilizing today's technology to the fullest. Make sure you mention your own social media pages. Do you have another blog, maybe a Tumblr? Have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Or maybe there's an underrated social media program that you like.

Honestly, I'm not a big social media person in general so when it comes to social media in regards to blogging I am really lacking. It's really something that I'm trying to work on because it is a great way to network and connect. One thing I do to make it easier for me is connecting my twitter to my Facebook page so that whenever I do make a post on twitter I don't have to worry about keeping Facebook updated as well. If you would like you can follow me via Twitter and/or Facebook :)


Ayanami Faerudo said...

The movie adaptations sometimes influence how I visualize the characters in the book (i.e. LOTR) but it's more fun visualizing them on your own or you find an artist who drew the characters like you visualize them in your head and poof! "You're my fave artist ever!" XD

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I originally didn't consider myself to be much of a social media person, but I now really like Twitter. There are some major down falls with social media, which is what I went on a bit of a rant about today.

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