22 January 2012

It's Been Decided :) The Name of The Trilogy Will Be....

So! I've decided on a name for the last book and I whipped up the book cover.  I also came up with a name for the overall trilogy....which could change overtime lol :) So here are the rough drafts of my covers!! Hope you like:
As you can see these are the drafts of the book covers. I will make the final covers once I finish the books.
The Hunted (Book 1)

The Hunters (book 2)

The Hidden (book 3)

What do you think?


Dashley said...

I wish I could create my covers. They look gorgeous. Can't wait to hear what your series is about.

sonya@sonythebooklover said...

I love the covers i'm a super for a nice cover. You know I have this feature on my blog I've been promoting its called Fiction Mondays its a place for writers to come and link up their stories from the site its hosted on. If you anything you want to add come by and link up.

Lily♥ said...

I love the covers, and the titles are really great!

Melanie McCullough said...

The covers are beautiful and I love the trilogy name. Can't wait to read them!

SweetSwan said...

Wooo, i love it! I didn't know you were a writer! :D Good luck!!

Vanya D. said...

I love the covers. Perhaps once I'm done with my book you'll help me with the cover :)

Books Ahoy said...

Thanks guys and @ Vanya D: I would love too!!

Kathy Schneider said...

They look amazing!

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