16 June 2012

Follow Friday + Winners Announced!!

Hey! Today is follow friday but first I want to annouce the winners of my follow friday giveaway and my Freak giveaway.

For the Freak giveaway the 3 winners are:

For the Follow Friday Giveaway Hop the winner is:

Congrats to all the winners!!! :) I will be sending you emails soon :)

Now for the friday follow question:

Who is your favorite dad character in a book and why?

I would choose Charlie from Twilight! :) Because he seems laid back and not to strict or anything but you also know he cares alot! What about you?

Be sure to follow this week's feature Candace's Book Blog also be sure to follow the hosts, ParaJunkee and Alison Can Read. Have a great friday!!!


Beth C said...

Hi Cierra, new follower here. I think Bella's dad is in the lead from what I can see! Lol.

I am following you through GFC as lucyatmax. I invite you to visit and follow my
at: bethartfromtheheart.blogspot.com .
would love to have you stop in and visit!

sharmin p said...

Bella's dad was a pretty cool dad. My favorite would be Liesel's dad in The Book Thief! I don't know if you've read that book?


P.S. I'm hosting my very first Giveaway! Check it out!

Amy Holbrook said...

I usually do this meme, but I couldn't think of many books that had the Dad around quite about. I'm now following you back.

emaginette said...

Well done, winners. A woo-hoo, for you. :-)

Jaesi said...

I'd say Anastasia's dads (her father that died, her grandfather, and her great grandfather) in The Ringing Cedars series. They all are great teachers to her and come up with such cute and creative ways to teach and also don't ever take the position of 'I know everything so listen to me!' but actually look to their daughter for learning.

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