31 August 2011

Guardian of Souls Tour Stop (Review & Giveaway!)

Hey guys! I am the last stop in the Guardian of Souls book tour and today I have for you a review plus a giveaway! So stay tuned :). Here's the synopsis:

Liv, Laith, Brayan and Meena are back with a mission and a militia for justice. The four human Oracles join forces with their spirit counter parts in Arcadia to form The Guardians of Souls. Shy has fled to Los Angeles to escape the consequences of Melissa and Jesse’s deaths and Hala, the Great Spirit, has reason to believe he is not alone. Neither the Spirits in Arcadia or the NYPD in New York City has turned up any trace of Shy since his disappearance after the tragic events played out on Valentine’s Day. Liv and her companions of spirit find themselves torn between the human world and Arcadia once more. Their duty as human Oracles continuously interferes and threatens the stability and safety of their friendships and romantic lives.
Get ready for all hell to break loose as Liv and her friends set out on a quest to hunt down Shy and finish him for good. This time the Spirit World means business when they find Shy playing up to his usual tricks. The odds are against Shy this time around but this may not pan out to be such a lucky break for the human Oracles. Could it be that Shy isn’t their worst enemy after all? Is Earth once again safe from the perils of Daevas and Aengels? Are Liv’s human friends safe or will they be baited and harmed again? Only the Spirits know…

This book was just as amazing as the first one, Soul Quest!!!!  This sequel to the first book in the trilogy picks up right where Soul Quest left off.  This time they are faced with even tougher challenges and you'll just have to read it to see if they prevail :).  I love all of the characters in this book! I really love the relationship between Liv and Jed, it's just sooo super cute, even though they've had a few rough patches.  Another thing I loved was the strong bond between Liv and the other Oracles.  They are just so close and you can literally feel the emotion passed between them, it's just so well written!  I love the romance, but I also loved all of the adventure and action in this book!  I don't want to spoil anything so you just have to experience the awesomeness yourself! :).  So, go pick this up and give it a read.  The links will be down there as usual.


Ok...now for the giveaway which lasts for just one day so act fast! Amy Jones has decided to let you grab a copy of the book for free for just one day. Here's how:
1 - copy the code (XT55A).

2 - Follow the link to Smashwords (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/75902).

3 - Purchase the book and paste in the code at check out.
After Sept. 1, the code will not work so act fast!
For more information on the author click here
To buy: Amazon | BN


Amy Jones said...

Thanks so much for your glowing review and all of your support! I hope your followers will grab a free ecopy of The Guardians of Souls and enjoy themselves as they read it (and please don't hesitate to post your positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! :)

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