01 August 2013

Bookshelf Clean-Out 1st Winner & Readmill

Hey guys! We have our first winner of the Bookshelf Clean-Out Giveaway! After I tell you guys the winner I will inform you about a cool website/app for e-book reading! :) More info below!

The first winner of the Bookshelf Clean-Out Giveaway is Noor from Noor's Place! Congrats to Noor for winning an e-book copy of Starstruck by Cyn Balog. I still have one print copy of the book available to giveaway along with the other books! Be sure to enter :) Now to switch gears!

I wanted to tell you guys about a website I found called Readmill.  This site is kinda of like Goodreads and allows you to talk to people about the books you are readings and connect through reading.  However, that is not the feature I wanted to focus on.  Since I'm going off to college I am going to start reading more eBooks since I won't enough space to take in physical copies for review knowing how many books I usually review.  So, I needed something that would let me store my books on the computer and sync them wirelessly to my iPad and iPhone for reading without actually using any memory on the device....incoming Readmill! :) This is the perfect app for reading eBooks on if you don't want your eBooks to actually take up any space on your device! I can't wait to really start using it! :) I give you guys more of an update as I start using it more. It going to be hard to switch to eBooks lol because I love being able to hold a book in my hand.


Noor said...

I'd surely take a look at that . Though Goodreads is my best bud yet .
Yay , I'm so happy to win that book :)
Noor @ Noor's Place

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