25 June 2011

200 Followers Giveaway!!!! (closed)


We are sooo close to having 200 followers and what better way to celebrate than with a GIVEAWAY!!!!  I haven't done an ebook giveaway yet so here it is.  Since there is so much talk about the Summer Solstice and there are alot of Iron Fey fans I decided to have a giveaway that a little something to do with that!!
Ok so here's the dets:

INTERNATIONAL (my first one ever!)

3 winners

Requirements: You must be a follower

Prize: The Iron Fey Series (ebooks - PDF format)

If I reach 300+ followers by the time this is over then I'll throw in 2 more winners plus the entire Twilight series in ebook format.

The ebooks are in PDF format so you don't have to have a ereader to read them



Mickey @ imabookshark said...

Thanks for the giveaway! :o)

Mickey @ imabookshark

LovesBooks said...

thanks for the giveaway



Nikki said...

Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway! Grats on 200!


Fantastic giveaway!!!! Thank you

Heather said...

Great giveaway and Congrats on 200 Followers!!! I had found you through book blogs.

Donna said...

Congrats! I entered! Donna


Evie said...

Girl, you're absolutely fantastic for hosting such a generous giveaway, I totally adore you!! <3 Thank you so much for this chance! I always wanted to read this series :)

Congrats on 200+! :D

Books Ahoy said...

Thanks guys! :D

MichelleKCanada said...

Congrats! I see now you are over 200. Well done! I know it is alot of time and work. I am at 148 on my blog so I know exactly how hard you must have worked networking. Lovely giveaway! I was already following you so this was a nice and easy contest.


aobibliophile™ said...

congratulations for reaching a milestone. thanks for being so gracious. i would love to win all these ebooks. c",)

Darlene said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway! This series is on my TBR list!!

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