07 June 2011

Cover on......cover off

So I was reading an IMM by I Like These Books and she pointed out that under the dust cover of Forgotten by Cat Patrick the cover was really pretty so of course I got my copy of the book out and checked it out!  She was sooo right, under the dust cover of Forgotten by Cat Patrick the cover is really pretty.  So, I just have to show you guys!

With Dust Cover

Without Dust Cover

Cute right?


Jennifer@The Book Nympho said...

I'm weird, I always take my dust covers off my hardbacks while I'm reading them. I don't want to mess them up.

Books Ahoy said...

I take mine off sometimes just because they annoy me sometimes

Anonymous said...

I love all the covers of the recent YA books--it seems one is better than the other! Makes Sunday Undercover easy for me! Rae

Anonymous said...

BTW my blog has a new button now if you get a chance to swap out the codes--lol. I see the old one on your sidebar (sorry to be so vain! joking, joking!) Rae

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