28 April 2011

Review: Family Ties by Ottilie Weber

This book was AMAZING!!! Here's the synopsis:

"Abby's family prides itself with its knowledge of its rich family history.  Unfortunately they may be kidding themselves.  While trying to survive her summer job armed only with her sarcastic wit and her best friend Cory, she thinks things couldn't get worse.  But when she is kidnapped, she learns to be careful what she wishes for!" (back of book)

OMG! This is officially one of my favorite books, its right up there with Twilight!  I loved the different POVs especially the POV of Emma so we can see how it was in her situation and also so we could see the parallel between Emma and Abby.  I absolutely loved the relationship between Cory and Abby and how they turned out.  Very  cute :).  This book gets really intense at times with the kidnapping and how that situation turns out.  I felt really bad for Abby and was really mad at Wilhelm!  I don't want to give anything away but this book is really good and I suggest you go out to the store and buy it right now!


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