24 April 2011

Review: Longleaf by Roger Reid

Hey hey hey!  I'm back to write my second review to day!  I just finished Longleaf by Roger Reid so of course I am dying to tell you what I thought but first here's the synopsis:

"When 14-year-old Jason Caldwell goes camping with his scientist parents, all he expects is peace and quiet. But before they arrive, Jason has already been the witness to a crime, and soon he'll find himself lost among the very longleaf pines that his parents hoped to study. Now Jason--and his new forest-smart friend Leah--will have to use all their knowledge of the outdoors to outwit a trio of villains and make it home safe. Set in the real-life Conecuh National Forest, Longleaf is a thrilling adventure for boys and girls--and an excellent introduction to the plants and animals of the Conecuh region, written by Discovering Alabama producer Roger Reid." (New South Books).

This is a great, short, quick to the point, adventurous, and educational book!  This book does not have all the fluff at the beginning that some books have.  It states everything you need to know in the second chapter.  I also like how the chapters are short and sweet.  I love the budding relationship between Jason and Leah.  I think it's really cute :).  This book also contains lots of adventure and has alittle heart pounding moments here and there.  Not only does this book contain adventure and romance, this book also contain some very educational facts about science in general and about the Conecuh National Forest.  No, it is not some boring educational book but there is a few facts thrown into the mix.  Overall, I think this is a very good book and I currently have my nose in the second book.


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F.a.Ellis said...

I like a mystery type of book,great blog...
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Books Ahoy said...

Thanks! I love mystery books too and your blog is great too! :)

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