29 April 2011

Review: Space by Roger Reid

"The author of acclaimed novel Longleaf continues the saga of teenage sleuth Jason Caldwell. Set at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Space incorporates factual information about astronomy and America's space program into its intriguing tale of suspicion and pursuit. The story communicates values of empathy and integrity as Jason struggles to understand his acerbic sidekick and makes promises to respect the confidence of others." (Barnes and Noble).

This book has more of a mysterious feel than the first book.  This has some pretty surprising plot twists that I would have never expected.  Again, there are also some pretty cool scientific facts thrown into the novel.  I like how the facts aren't just randomly thrown in but intertwined within the novel and plot.  This novel definitely does lack adventure.  There are some really exciting parts in this book.  Overall, it's an ok book. 



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