15 April 2011

Review: The Wolf Tree by John Claude Bemis

Hey! Here's the second review for The Clockwork Dark Experience. Today I'm reviewing The Wolf Tree by John Claude Bemis.  Here's an summary:

"'Can you imagine eternal Darkness, sir?'

So asks the sickly stranger who staggers into Peg Leg Nel's birthday party. Before the man dies, he tells Ray and his friends of a Darkness spreading like wildfire across Kansas, turning good people bad and poisoning anyone who tries to escape. It's clear that though the evil Gog is dead, his devilish machine has survived and is growing stronger. Now a full-fledged Rambler, Ray leads his friends on a mission into the heart of darkness. Vital to their success is tracking down the legendary Wolf Tree, rumored to be a pathway to the spirit world. Only with one of the tree's limbs can the Nine Pound Hammer be repaired and the Gog's terrible machine finally destroyed. The search for the Wolf Tree grows desperate as the Darkness spreads, threatening Ray, his friends, and all of humanity." (Barnes and Noble)

If The Nine Pound Hammer was amazing then The Wolf Tree was extraordinary!  This book sucks you in right at the beginning with the talk of "The Darkness".  This sequel was in my opinion more suspenseful and kept me surprised the more I read.  My favorite part was finding out that....well, I don't want to spoil it for you ;) .  There were so many events happening that I couldn't put the book down.  Another thing I liked about it is that it's not only told in Ray's point of view this time around.  We get to see things from Sally's point of view and her feelings toward everything thats been going on.  We also get to see the thoughts and feelings of Jolie, Conker, and other characters in the book.  There are a few new characters introduced spicing the book up a bit also.  There were some HUGE surprises in this book!  Some questions are answered but mostly new questions asked.  Overall, this is my favorite book in the series so far but I do have one more to read so we'll see :)


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