05 May 2011

The E-reader Dilemma

Hey guys!!! So, I'm in a little bit of a dilemma here and I need your help. I am currently in the market for an e-reader so that I can accept more e-books to review. I've narrowed it down to the Nook by Barnes and Noble, but the problem is....should I get the Nook or the Nook Color?! The Nook is supposedly better for your eyes since it uses e-ink and the Nook Color uses an LCD screen. But....the Nook Color is soooo cool! It has apps, internet, pandora, plus it's an e-reader! The Nook is also cheaper than the Nook Color....which should I choose? I need your help!!! Tell me which one I should get down in the comments. :)
Nook Color vs. Nook


Jessi said...

At least you've chosen a Nook, hehehe. :-) I'm a tad biased b/c I have a NookColor and I *love* it. The apps and the added functionality (especially the ability to surf the web basically like normal) are fabulous, especially if you're looking for that kind of thing (it's basically a small tablet). The LCD takes some learning to read on but I love that I can read in bed with the light off without having to attach a light. Also, you can dim the screen.

Here's the one thing I would change about my NC: the battery life. It is significantly less than the regular Nook. Also, the Nook with Wifi+3G would be awesome as then you could buy books pretty much whenever. :-)

There's my two cents.

Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

Barb said...

I have a Nook and love it. When I tested the Nookcolor out in the store I felt that it would be like reading on my laptop which I was doing already - and was leaving me with a headache frequently. I'm happy I bought a regular nook. If I want to surf the internet, I use my laptop! Good luck with your choice!

Jennifer@The Book Nympho said...

I have the Nook (original Wifi+3G) and love it. I got it for Christmas year before last when they 1st came out. If I was to get one today and I would still get the Nook and not the Nook Color just because I like the e-ink better. I set in front of a computer screen all day and do not like to read on the LCD screen. Plus I only want to read on my ereader. If I want to play games and other things I would get an iPad or laptop. (FYI my hubby has an iPad and I'm like blah about it.)
Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

Nicki J Markus said...

I'd go for the e-ink. Being easy on the eyes = more hours of reading fun!

Anonymous said...

I have the Nook Color. I must say, I have NO eye strain what so ever. I am easily able to read for hours on end.

Plus all of the fun extras are so worth it.

The battery life isn't the greatest, but I use mine heavily every day and just charge it when I go to sleep. I could get away with charging it every other day and sometimes I do, but I like having a full charge. :P

Donna said...

I love my Kindle. Did a lot of research before I bought and I am sticking with my decision. Good luck.

I'm having a give away for an ebook "Mistakes" on my blog. It could be your first! Would love a visit.

Donna said...

Wanted to add that I was only looking for a reader.

I'm your newest follower!

JillyB07 said...

i have a sony ereader and I love mine but if I ever traded up Id do it for a nook. Ive never played around with one before but my only concern would be glare from the sun. I read outside or in the car a lot and I get no glare but most things that are backlit get horrible glare, if thats not a problem then I would get the color.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a Kindle and then gave it to my daughter to try out a Nook. My husband convinced me to "step up" to the Nook Color instead. Hmm, I don't know. Very cool device; I can browse the internet on it since I no longer have my laptop and am too lazy sometimes to sit at my desktop (however I have stiff fingers and I am constantly getting misdirected by hitting wrong thing). The Kindle was a delight to use outside but I cannot use my Nook Color outside--even in shade it's not the right light for me with my reading glasses--please note that brightness and text size can be adjusted. So all in all, I would say if you already have a couple of "toys" such as netbook, iPad, etc, get the regular Nook for ease of reading. P.S. Nook Color has very poor battery life compared to the Kindle I had.

Rebecca said...

I have a Nook Color and I absolutely love it! The screen is so bright and clear and it's so easy to search for and download books :).

Hope to see you back at my blog soon!


I'm announcing my first giveaway next week!

lauriehere said...

Kindle is the ONLY way to go !!!!!
Laurie Carlson
U can read in the car, outside in sun or shade and MORE!!!!!!
Plus, Amazon's books are WAY cheaper!!! A LOT of blogs give away FREE Kindle books and I've NOT seen Free NOOK books!!

vampireprincess said...

Nook color but like both

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