31 May 2011

Guest Post: To Meme or Not to Meme? by Rae from Best O' Books

Hi guys!  Today I have for you a guest post from my book blog buddy Rae from Best O' Books!!!   I hope you enjoy it and stop by and give Rae a visit!


To Meme or Not to Meme?
One of the first puzzling things I ran into when I started blogging and joined the Book Blogs site was people discussing blog memes. I thought I was (kind of) familiar with what the term meant, but the variety of these meme buttons and descriptions was most confusing. I like to read as many of the BB blogs as possible in my spare time (huh, what’s that?) and I wondered if participating in a weekly meme was worth my time and the effort to remember which day was which. Then I stumbled across Miz B’s Should Be Reading and saw over 200 comments posted on just one of her memes, Teaser Tuesdays. Over 200 people taking the time from personal life, work, reading and reviewing to write something for a silly online game, I thought. Then I read through a couple, then a few more, and suddenly lost track of time in what I previousl thought was just a silly endeavor. I realized I enjoyed the exposure to the world of bloggers at large, and to learning about a whole slew of new-to-me book titles.

Fast forward to today and I am at week 2 of my own meme, Sunday Undercover, and I still participate in Teaser Tuesdays. I have seen many more ideas for memes, most of them quite worthy of someone’s time, and all enjoyed by someone out there. I even figured out how to get a linky for the meme, (and did my homework to find out Mr. Linky now charges a fee so I found a free copycat). Some folks have said that memes are not for serious reviewers, that they clutter up the blogs and distract those from reading the book posts. Well, they have a point, but on the other side of the coin, we book bloggers do not get paid for the hard work we do. We do it for the love of books and the enjoyment of blogging. So if memes make our unpaid work fun and give us an easy way to connect with others out there with the same interests, I say go for it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting it! Rae

Darlene said...

I haven't tried doing these memes yet either on my blog. I don't know whether I have the time to commit to daily blogging, so I am still undecided. Thanks for posting that! I'm also following you now on GFC and I'd love it if you would visit my blog some time and follow back: http://darlenesbooknook.blogspot.com.

Maria Behar said...

Great post, Rae!! And thanks to Books Ahoy for putting it up! YAY!!

I heartily agree -- book memes are a lot of fun. Besides, their whole purpose is for bloggers to see what other bloggers are doing, and not only discover new books, but new friends as well! And, of course, memes are the PERFECT networking opportunity! By participating in them, one can get more followers and comments for one's blog.

Thanks to both of you for sharing!! : )

Maria @ http://anightsdreamofbooks.blogspot.com/

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