25 May 2011

Review: Time by Roger Reid

Here it finally is!!! Sorry for such the long wait but here we go! Today I have for you a review of Time by Roger Reid.  Here's the synopsis:

Jason Caldwell did not want to return to Alabama—ever. It’s just that he can’t turn down an invitation to go fossil hunting with his friend Leah. Jason and Leah soon find themselves in the midst of a mystery: someone is stealing scientifically important fossil footprints. To make matters worse, Carl Morris—the villain who tried to kill them in Longleaf— has escaped from jail. (rogerreidbooks.com)

Time is a great book for adventure and mystery lovers.  This book contains alot of adventure with a splash of mystery.  I love how Roger Reid doesn't fill the first few chapters alot of fill space and just gets down to the nitty-gritty :).  I was disappointed in the fact that Jason and Leah's relationship didn't blossom into something more.  I am a big fan of mystery books so I loved the mystery aspect of this book.  Time is really more of a continuation of Longleaf since Leah and Carl Morris are reintroduced whereas Space had a whole new plot along with new characters.  Lastly, I like how pieces of educational information are thrown in the book on the sly ;D (don't tell the kids!).  This is a pretty ok read, especially if you are looking to learn alittle something also.

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