25 May 2011

Keep Your Eyes Out For This One!

Hi guys! One of my buddies is currently in the process of writing a book. It is called, The Zone Chronicles: Naga Ceyon.  It is book one of a trilogy.  I've read what she has so far and it's AMAZING!!! So, I asked her if I could share it with you guys and she said YES! So, here is an excerpt from her work in progress. When she finishes it I will be one of the first people to review so that I can tell you all about it! Ok, let me stop babbling and show you the excerpt:
In her room, Antoinette plopped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. Why doesn’t she understand me? Antoinette thought. Dad always did. Sighing, Antoinette turned over to her side. Her eyes wondered to a book on her desk. The lamp’s light reflected the gold print on the giant book’s black and silver binding, The Zone. Antoinette smiled, remembering the times her mother and father would read the many stories contained in that book every night before bed.

Antoinette rolled off of the bed and strolled to her desk. Her hands met the book’s cover. She relished the feel of the rough leather on her fingertips. In her mind’s eye, she saw the beautiful land that was The Zone. For a brief moment, Antoinette was no longer a fifteen year old girl from Atlanta, Georgia. She was a brave warrior of one of The Zone’s most powerful Kingdoms, Zumiki. She felt the gentle winds comb her long, wavy hair. She closed her eyes and inhaled the spring breeze and the mighty river’s waters. Her hazel eyes reopened and she heard first the playful roar of a kureson, a water dragon, before spotting the mighty beast soar from the horizon, getting closer and closer to Antoinette before diving to the ground, landing gracefully in front of Antoinette. The proud beast lifted its mighty head to study the young girl. The noble creature tilted its head in acknowledgement to the warrior and spread a wing towards the girl, giving her permission to climb on.

Soon Antoinette was flying, higher, and higher upon the dragon’s back. The setting sun seemed to grow larger and larger. Antoinette spread out her arms and closed her eyes once more to take the full effect in. Her heart and mind were racing to keep up with the new sensations that came upon her. The great dragon below her glanced back at its rider. As Antoinette opened her eyes, she could have sworn that the dragon was smiling at her and soon Antoinette too was smiling, then laughing as she and her powerful companion continued their journey to the sun and beyond.

But the vision only lasted for a moment. If only I could go to there. She gave another sigh and went to lie back down on her bed. Sleep came shortly after.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that caught my interest already--very descriptive. How far along is she? Anywhere near final draft? Rae

Books Ahoy said...

She said that the published book should be out in July no later than August

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